Chadderton Town in conjunction with the Area Committee, Chadderton Historical Society, and Failsworth Rotary Club.
of the

Chadderton Hall Archeological Dig

September 10th - 22nd 2012






 Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Today is the last day of the Chadderton Hall 'Dig'. It has been a wonderful project and experience for everyone involved. Artefacts discovered on the site will be on display , at the request of Brian Grimsditch, of the Centre for Applied Archaeology at the University of Salford.

Our reprinted booklet "Chadderton Hall in its Final Days", by local farmer and Society member Jacob Tomlinson (now sadly deceased), gives a good account of this impressive manor house as it faded into the annals of history. Please do try and join us.


 Michael Lawson


Chadderton Historical Society


The Centre for Applied Archaeology at the University of Salford, led by Brian Grimsditch;

Chadderton District Partnership under its Chairman, Councillor Graham Shuttleworth;

Chadderton Group of Parks under the direction of Stan Mitchell;

The Social Services Garden Centre at the Park under the direction of Glenn Harrison and Richard Buckley;

Chadderton Historical Society, who have mounted a comprehensive display of material on Chadderton Hall and the local manorial system;

Chadderton Primary and Secondary Schools who permitted their pupils to assist with the archaeological work on the old barn at the hall;  

Amateur archaeologists from a wide area, and from Chadderton, who are enthusiastically unearthing the past;

Local inhabitants, and visitors to the park, who are showing such interest in the project, often providing extra impetus. 


Chadderton Town Hall Open Day

Celebrating the centenary of Chadderton Town Hall 1912-2012

Sunday 9th September, 2012

Chadderton Town Hall marked its centenary by inviting visitors to take a tour of the Town Hall





Chadderton Day June 15th 2012



After the mini-Olympics, the crowning of the new prince, Conor Smith and princess, Olivia Henstock


Chadderton Historical again had their own stall to hopefully raise money towards its upkeep.  Also to provide interest within the Community by selling souvenirs, and information about Chadderton, and quiz's about Mills and other aspects of Chadderton.

Pictured is Michael Lawson, Secretary & Trustee of Chadderton Historical, and Mark Johnson, Chairman & Trustee of the Society.

Another Stall benefiting from the day


The Events Committee were very lucky to obtain the services of a Disco



The end of an Era
B.a.e. Closing Ceremony Friday 2nd March 2012

The Society was privileged to be involved in the ceremony on Friday 2nd March, to mark the final closure of B.A.E. Systems,
Chadderton, and the cessation of aircraft manufacture. Past workers assembled in impressive numbers outside the huge factory
as the last 150 workers passed through the security gates to be met by a lone piper, a former employee, whose tunes included,
quite understandably, Olde Lang Syne. The faces of both the leaving staff and those outside, many of whom participated in the
traditional ‘Banging Out’ ceremony for leavers - by banging hammers, etc. on available metal surfaces, were clearly marked
with great emotion.

In the unavoidable absence of the Town Crier, the Secretary of the Society, in his role as Standard Bearer of Chadderton,
made the official Proclamation. In this he alluded to the closure of ‘a remarkable aircraft factory after an illustrious history
spanning nearly three-quarters of a century’.

The factory opened in 1939 as A. V. Roe and on the site Roy Chadwick designed the famous Lancaster bomber, over 3,000
of which were built in Chadderton, and whose role was so crucial in the Second World War. At its height the factory
employed 10,000 people making it the largest manufacturing site in the world. Successively known as Hawker Siddeley Aviation,
British Aerospace, and ultimately B.A.E. Systems, the production lines produced many notable military and commercial aircraft
including the mighty Vulcan bomber with its distinctive triangular wings, the Tornado and ATP (advanced turboprop airliner).

he Lancaster                                                                                   The Vulcan

The site on Greengate was much more than a factory. It was home to a wonderful family of proud and dedicated workers,
whose fond memories will be shared for many years to come. The impressive size of the site will long remain a reminder
of its unique contribution to local life and the local economy, whilst the blue eagle, which surmounts the Chadderton coat-of-arms,
will remind future generations that one of Chadderton’s greatest assets, was once to be seen soaring high in the skies above.
B.A.E. Systems, Chadderton, and all your workers past and present, we thank and salute you!


Chadderton Historical Society

invites members



                                                                          of the

            Queen's Diamond Jubilee

                                                by the

    Chadderton Town Crier, Reg Lord

Accompanied by the Standard Bearer and Retinue

                           from the steps of

             Chadderton Town Hall

 Monday 6th February 2012 at 3.30 p.m.

                               in the presence of the

    Deputy Mayor of Oldham Councillor Olwen Chadderton,

                   the Mayor's Consort Roy Chadderton,

                   the Youth Mayor Chantelle Birtwistle

                               and local Councillors

                                            also in attendance

     Members of the Chadderton Branch of the Royal British Legion

                        The Chadderton Prince Max Butterworth,

                    and the Chadderton Princess, Jade Chadwick

    Full coverage by the press and  BBC TV's North West.

2011 Events

Christmas Lights and Market 2011

November 25th 2011

The arrangements for the market to be held on the precinct from noon to 7.00 p.m and the Society to be fully involved as in previous years.

Activities to include an Ice Rink, barbeque, Christmas Carols, and Scottish Bagpiper


At 6.30 p.m. the Chadderton Prince, Max Butterworth and the Chadderton Princess, Jade Chadwick in the presence of Chaddy the Griffin, and the Chadderton Town Crier Reg Lord and his retinue will perform the switch-on ceremony outside the Town Hall.


The  event ended with a magnificent firework display.          


Chadderton Day 2011

Photograph by kind permission of Arthur Chorley.

Town Crier Reg Lord introduced the Mayor and Mayoress, Richard Knowles and his wife Valerie together with the Youth Mayor Chantel Birtwisle, to officially open the event to the strains of the new Chadderton Anthem.

The photograph shows Max Butterworth and Jade Chadwick before being crowned Prince and Princess

The day fortunately remained dry for the many attractions on offer for the children and also  adults exhibitions and  sports as the playing fields at the back of  Foxdenton was opened for the first time.

Thanks to the District Partnership's support we were able to do this.


Wellbeing Official Opening June 17th 2011

Town Crier Well

Photograph by kind permission of John Johnson

The above image shows spectators waiting for the official unveiling of the new coat-of-arms at the Wellbeing Centre, Burnley Lane, Chadderton.

The piece, an antique wood carving designed by Peter Murphy a council employee celebrated local heritage, and the main industries of the town, textiles, aircraft production, engineering.

The coat-of-arms was unveiled by Chris Bridge, an International Rugby Player, who now plays for Warrington Wolves.  The photograph below shows Chris with the Chadderton Town Crier, Reg Lord, and Attendant Mike Lawson, Secretary of Chadderton Historical Society.
Photo by permission of John Johnson

Afterwards everyone was treated to an exellent buffet provided by Christine Dennis, Vice-Chairperson & Trustee of the Chadderton Historical Society.

2010 Events

November 26th

The day started at noon with various activities, including the Christmas Market, in cold but otherwise calm weather.  Children from primary schools sang Christmas carols and pantomine characters from St. Herberts mingled with the crowd. The Town Crier with attendant led a lantern Procession from the Market to Chadderton Town Hall for the traditional switch-on. Local youngster Yasisha  Gorey who plays Coronation Street Asha Alahan, had the honour of switching Chadderton Lights on at 6.30 pm.

A new innovation of this year's switch on was the culmination of the event was the firework display which was much appreciated by the spectatators. Altogether a most fitting finale for this very successful event.

Help The Heroes Sunday 6th June 2010

Even the torrential rain could not dampen the spirits of these walkers, determined to Help the Heroes charity.

This photograph shows the start of the walk at Coalshaw Green Park, before walking to Foxdenton Park and onwards to Chadderton Hall Park.


Trio of Happy walkers nearing the end of the walk.
Veterans at the start.
This image shows Barbara Wilson MBE awarding the medals for completion of the walk.

Hope this walk can become an annual event!


2009 events

Christmas Lights November 2009




The Lights were switched on by the winners of a competition to be crowned Prince and Princess. Daniel and Charlotte switched on the 2009 Chadderton Christmas Lights with the accompaniment of an enthusiastic countdown from spectators and Christmas carols played by the Chadderton Band.

Thanks to Fr. Alan Cooke, for Blessing the Lights, and our own Town Crier and Santa Clause for taking the time out of their busy schedule to attend.

For further information on this very successful Chadderton Christmas Lights, please access the Christmas Lights page.


Lancashire Day 2009 

The Parade commenced traditionally at Chadderton Town Hall. collecting supporters on the way to Chadderton Precinct. At points of interest our Town Crier (Reg Lord) rang his bell and delivered, THE LANCASHIRE DAY PROCLAMATION TO THE PEOPLE;

The walk finished in ASDA where he has met by the 'Greeter' of the store.

Images courtesy of Arthur Chorley. 

The Royal British Legion
(incorporated by Royal Charter)
Rememberance Day
Sunday 8th November 2009

11th September 2009
Official Unveiling of a Commerative Blue Plaque
Terry Hall



Terry's career began when he played the accordian at the Nimble Nook Working Men's Club, which his parents kept for a time. He was then 12 years old.

Image of how Terry Hall used to appear on stage and TV with his lovable furry friend, Lenny the Lion. Lenny's famous catch phrase, 'Aw don't embawass me' caught on and he was a firm children's favourite in the 50's and 60's.


Terry's widow, Dee Hall, with Terry's sister at the unveiling on Middleton Road. Pictured with the Mayor of Oldham, Chadderton's Town Crier, and Chairman of Chadderton Historical Society,Mark Johnson, on the far left.


Chadderton Historical Society acknowledges with thanks, the photographs taken by Oldham Evening Chronicle.  

The gathering before the unveiling, Dee Hall, Terry's widow and Terry's sister, Kathleen Behan, still living in Chadderton, and f amily members from far and wide to honour Terry. Members Chadderton Historical Society, Secretary Michael Lawson, Chairman Mark Johnson, the Mayor of Oldham, Councillor Jim McArdle, Youth Mayor, Mohammed Adil. Chadderton's Town Crier and his retinue.


After the unveiling, the family, and invited guests, were treated to a magnificent reception, culminating in the cutting of the celebration cake.

Photographs courtesy of John Johnson 

If of interest, the Chadderton Historical Society has a small Booklet about Terry Hall's life story. 

Visit to Manchester Victoria Baths

situated on Hathersage Road, Chorlton-on-Medlock
On 6th June, Chadderton Historical members and friends visited this remarkable building, recently voted as worthy winner of the BBC's Restoration series. Our groups were guided around Manchester's Water Palace to see the results of the start of the revival of this historic edifice.  Fund- raising is ongoing and the 'Friends' have various intitiatives to accomplish this.




The 1st Class Pool in accordance with most of the swimming pools of that era, was designed so it could be floored in the winter months and used as an alternative venue for dances and concerts. In the fifties this was provided by the Phil Moss orchestra and other dance bands.

Members of the Chadderton Historical Society, admiring the stained Glass Angel of Purity.



Right the Ladies Bath as it is today.




One of the more unusual and educational, presumably for children, was the Mix'n'Match table illustrated left. The idea is to match the Tradesman with the ongoing work. For instance, "What trade would you need for Restoration of the Stained Glass Windows", and the answer would be 'Glazier'!

When you have made a selection, a cross or a tick will appear, if you have got it right, hopefully a tick!

The Victoria Baths Trust was formed in 1993 and joined with the Friends of Victoria Baths to seek to restore at least the Turkish Baths and one of the swimming pools for public use.


2008 events 

Image courtesy of John Johnson

Christmas Lights
and Market
The Lights were switched on by Chaddy the Owl, and the winners of the competition; Ellie Faulkner, Tristan Jones, Amy Prince, and for the first time, a Prince and Princess were elected; Cyle Bell, and Claire Bradburn.

 Photograph courtesy of the Oldham Advertiser.

Photograph courtesy of Arthur Chorley

As a new innovation the lamposts were decorated with animated Christmas images and hopefully we will expand on these next year.


images courtesy of John Johnson

Image courtesty of Arthur Chorley.

Thanks should also be awarded to:

Mills Hill School,Cakes Stall.

St. Mark Church, Bric a Brac

Congregational Church, Mince Pies

Historical Society, Badges etc and Competitions.

Christine Dennis, Tombola

Joyce Willson, Scarves and Hats.

Dr Kershaws, Charity Goods and Handicrafts.

Barbecue. Foxdenton

FairGround Rides, John Thompson,


Handmade cards, Elsie Lawson.

Cards and souvenir, Sentiments,

Jewellery, Mr Howarth,

Crystal Products, Mrs Corcoran

Sweets and chocolates, Mr Bray

Mulled Wine, Asda- Helen Shaw

Help the Aged, Lynda

Photography, Gaynor Anderson

Floral Arts Society.

Bare Trees Tenants and Residents Assoc. For their continuing Support & Donations.

Again the market was a great success, the atmosphere exciting, and all the stall-holders reported enthusastic purchasing of gifts, cards, souvenirs!
Photographs courtesy of John Johnson
Also thanks to Fr. Alan Cooke, for Blessing the Lights, and our own Town Crier and Santa Clause for taking the time out of their busy schedule to attend.


 Lancashire Day 2008
*** *** ***


Because of prior commitments, Lancashire Day was celebrated on the 26th November instead of the traditional 27th November.

This year was doubly unusual as for the first time the new redesigned Lancashire Flag was on display, as above. People would remember the original flag was a white background.

The procession commenced from the Chadderton Town Hall steps with our Town Crier announcing the traditional Proclamation, to the People of the City and County of Palatine, and continued down Middleton Road, collecting supporters on the way. Finishing at ASDA Store, Chadderton.


Visit to Gorton Monastery

On 4th September 08 members of the Society visited the church and friary, known locally as Gorton Monastery. The Monastery is a 19th century former Franciscan friary built by the Franciscans between 1862 and 1867. The foundation stone of the church, designed by Edward Welby Pugin was laid in 1866, and building was completed in 1872.

Supported by grants from a wide number of organisations the church was restored the project being completed in June 2007. Dubbed Manchester's Taj Mahal' it is believed to be one of the best examples high Victorian Gothic architecture in the world. Now used as a venue for conferences and community events, the setting is truly inspirational and fills the visitor with awe and admiration.


The Vikings Have landed at our annual Chadderton Day. And the kids loved it! They were demonstrating fighting with sword and shields, and a realistic show it was. But also they were showing real crafts and skills of their community.


Among the many sideshows, were Rock Puppets, pedal go-karting, Blue Crew Cheerleaders, and many more circus skill challenges.

Advice was available from First Choice Homes, the Fire Service about smoke alarms etc and police especially from Constable Cub and Community Police. Demonstrations were given by Broadway Stitchers of their tapestries. Chadderton Historical Society ran a Mill competition and a treasure hunt.

The day was opened by Chadderton's own Town Crier, and was visited by the new Mayor of Oldham and his family. The Society worked with the former Area Manager Mark Simmons in 2006 whose idea it was to found a Chadderton Day, originally to coincide with Wakes Week. The Day was complete for spectators to hear the new Chadderton Anthem, composed by a member of the Chadderton Historical Society, and played for the first time by The Chadderton Band.
A barbeque was available and was taken advantage of by Councillors, community police as well as stall holders and visitors

Green Flag Award Foxdenton Park.
Great excitement was aroused when it was confirmed that Foxdenton had been awarded the prestigious Green Flag Award . This award is based on the following criteria.

The photograph below, shows Steve Smith, Manager of Parks and Open Spaces. The Mayor of Oldham Cllr, Ann Wingate, and members of the Friends of Foxdenton.

Also in Attendance were Michael Lawson, Secretary of the Chadderton Historical Society, and Mark Johnson it's Chairman.

Image with kind permission of the Oldham Chronicle.


1. A welcoming Place.

2. Healthy, Safe and Secure.

3. Sustainability.

4. Well Maintained and secure.

5. Conservation and Heritage.

6. Community Involvement.

7. Marketing.

8. Management.

Awards are given on an annual basis and winners must apply each year to renew their Green Flag Status.

Foxdenton has an excellent cafe, well maintained bowling green, childrens play park, sensory garden, tennis courts. The grounds and gardens are well maintained by the Authority. Additionally, focus for children and adults is provided by the Chainsaw artist, Richard James who recently Tree Sculptured the Heron aesops fable.

The Award Ceremony was held at Leeds Armoury on 26th July, attended by officers of the Council and four members of the Friends of Foxdenton Park.


C hadderton Day


Foxdenton Hall and Park 16th June 07

Our expectations were rewarded for no sooner had our Town Crier, Reg Lord, officially opened the event, Foxdenton Park filled with laughing children, balloons, side shows, bouncy castles. The Youth Buzz put in an appearance and activities were arranged by Oldham Countryside Rangers and Play Action Group. South Chadderton School radio station kept us up to date with the proceedings.

Chadderton Fire station, and Police were on hand to show the kids what they do: and for the rest of the afternoon the air was filled with the noise of sirens and whoops of excitement from the enthusiasts, young and old!

 The Mayor of Oldham Councillor Ann Wingate and her Consort toured the park and took particular interest in the Chadderton Historical Stall. Community Council Champion Colin McClaren also engaged in discussion with the Mayoral party about this event.

 Manager Chadderton Community Council, Mark Simmons, Councillors Philip Rogers, Jeremy Sutcliffe, and Len Quinn, all managed stalls, whilst Chadderton Historical Society ran a treasure hunt, quiz and a Name the Griffin competition.

 Additionally there were football shootouts, demonstrations from the Buckley Belles Dance Troupe, Broadway Stitchers Quilt Making and Library Story Telling in the Hall, and ASDA had its own Henna tattooing and Face painting. The Foxdenton Hall Café was run by the Friends and Barbeque run by Mark Simmons'wife!

 I asked Michael Lawson, Secretary of the Chadderton Historical Society, Why a June weekend: and found out it was all to do with Wakes Week:

 'For a great many years 'Wakes' signified the time when rival carts from different parts of Chadderton were taken to the Parish Church in Oldham. The rushes were then scattered on the floor of the church, the floor being nothing more than compressed soil. In this way the rushes added warmth for the congregation during the coming year.

 After the Second World War the Wakes week itself was transferred to June commencing on the penultimate Saturday and ultimately becoming a weeks holiday. It was officially abolished in 1991' .

  If you live fairly locally, but didn't manage to get to Chadderton Day, there are plenty of opportunities to visit Foxdenton Hall and Park. The Friends of Foxdenton have worked very hard and have a full Programme of Events for the rest of the Year. The Hall is now open for bookings for small events, christenings, coming of age, retirements etc, and even weddings. Imagine the photographic opportunity! In order to book for an event, please email Gill Stevenson at :


Christmas lights Switch-on 2006
This year the lights were officially switched on by Manchester United legend Jack Crompton, with the assistance of Cloe Walsh chosen to represent the young people at the event.

Image by Arthur Chorley, official photographer for the Chadderton Historical Society

Old Trafford Greats
JACK Crompton

The Chadderton Area Christmas Lights Sub-Committee were fortunate to secure the services of Jack Crompton for the 2006 switch-on in Chadderton.

Jack was incidental in the Manchester United winning the 1948 Cup Final against Blackpool. who had the legendary Stanley Matthews playing against the team. Jack pulled off several brilliant saves to keep United in contention when they were 2-1 down and also started the move which led to the winning strke by Stan Pearson.

For further information of this very successful event, please access

the Christmas lights page.

Christmas Lights

Chadderton Hall & Park

2006 saw the awarding of Green Flag status. This is a very prestigious award, in fact Chadderton has now got two out of the six currently awarded in the Oldham Borough. The other is Coalshaw Green. Green Flag status isn't for life. It has to be reapplied for every year, so getting the park up to the standard is a commitment to maintain it at the standard.

Image by kind permission of John Johnson

The Bowling Pavilion has been renovated and is now a very successful Cafe. The Pavilion Cafe, as it is now called is a franchised business, offering a selection of different dishes which can be enjoyed outside if the weather allows, or inside the well furnished interior.

The application of New Opportunities fund, has allowed the conversion of one of the underused tennis courts into a Multi Use Games Area (allowing football/netball/basketball) together with a teen shelter opposite.

Money from the Swallowfields development has been used to upgrade the childrens play area. Also small "garden centre" is operating as a Social Enterprise company.

The Park Department Apprentices have cultivated a shrub Garden near the main entrance of the Park. This project was a one off design and build project as part of their training. It is now maintained as part of the park's on going maintenance.

Friends of the Park meet three times a year, essentially in the spring, summer and autumn.

Chadderton Hall Park offers contrasting park experiences with formal traditional features on its upper terrace such as maintained gardens, play areas and bowling greens etc, while its lower terrace by the river has the feel of a small country park.

In summer evenings the Park enjoys the benefit of security patrols provided by Pride Security.

A coalition of north Chadderton churches currently organise a well attended family fun day in the park on an annual basis usually on the Saturday before Whit Sunday, and on the Whit Sunday itself it holds an open air service.

A crudely carved stone head was found in the Irk where it flows through the park and is now in the stewardship of Chadderton Hall Junior School. It is believed to be of iron age origin and is associated with pagan tradition. It has a "cigarette hole" in the mouth which is believed to enable evil spirits to escape. The head went on display with similar heads from the north west at an exhibition at the Manchester Museum together with the "Pete Marsh" mummy in the late 1980's.

 Acknowledgement: Cllr Jeremy Sutcliffe for the update on Chadderton Hall Park.


Town Crier
Opening Chadderton Day
with Michael Lawson in attendence

The Buckley Belles at the beginning of their routine. They gave a magnificent energetic show worthy of any professional performance.


Youth Football team before penalty shoot out .


Balloon & Badgemaking in Progress.

St. Herbert's Amateur Dramatic and Entertainments Society

Ticket prices are:-

Wed - Thurs:- £6.00 Adults and £4.00 Concessions.

Fri - Sat:- £6.00 (No Concessions).

Tickets available from the St. Herbert's Parish Centre, or telephone 624 5856



Shades have been nominated for a NODA award for their production of Aladdin which was their production over Christmas 2004/05.

NODA's recognise the best amateur productions across the North West of England and North Wales.    

Acknowledgements: Information provided by the Advertiser.

Christmas Lights switch-on

Please access the Christmas Lights page, for full details of the very successful event by the Youth of Chadderton.

Living Christmas Tree
On Tuesday 15th November,2005, Members of the Chadderton Area Christmas Lights Sub Group were on hand to plant the first living Christmas Tree. Christmas Lights Switch-on to take place on 25th November at 7 00p.m at Chadderton Town Hall, procession from the Chadderton Precinct at 6.30p.m.

The picture shows Area Committee member Julie Kirkham planting the tree, with Area Manager, Mark Simmons and Michael Lawson, Secretary, Enid Johnson, from Chadderton Historical Society, watching.

Thirtieth Anniversary
Chadderton Historical Society.
As a pre-cursor for this very important celebration, trustee Christine Dennis arranged a presentation at our usual meeting place, Chadderton Library, on 3rd November 2005. Our Town Crier announced the presentation of a Edwardian Tankard for Michael Lawson, Secretary, and an etched 1920's water jug to Mark Johnson, Chairman in appreciation of the hard work and commitment to Chadderton and the Society. Christine Dennis said: "The Society's existence is due to the dedication of Michael and Mark. and their voluntary contributions to the preservation and promotion of Chadderton have made a huge difference to the community."

Mr Lawson commented, " I enjoy the fact that we have a flourishing society. People are interested in the area in which they live".


On Friday 19th November, an informal, but nevertheless, extremely enjoyable buffet was prepared at Foxdenton Hall. Congratulations to all those involved.


Quotations taken from Oldham Chronicle November 16th 2005
Tudor Banquet
at Foxdenton Hall
The New Year opened with Chadderton Historical themed January celebration. This year it was decided to have the Tudor Banquet, but because of proposed alterations to the Library and lack of space, the venue was moved to Foxdenton Hall.

This was an inspired decision as there could be nowhere more suitable than this historical building.

Most of the ticket-only guests arrived in Tudor dress, and were greeted by a drink of Mead, made originally by the monks to finance their monastries. Period music was played and heraldry was displayed.

The Society's thanks were extended to Christine Dennis, and Margaret Scott for their sterling work and enthusiasm in bringing this magnificent occasion to Foxdenton Hall and making it so memorable.




Lights Switch-on
November 26th 2004


The illuminations were even better in Chadderton, this year as with the help

of the Shopping Centre the lights were continued to beyond the Yorkshire

Bank, and along the precinct shops themselves.The big seasonal switch-on

was performed by Craig Gill, the drummer from 'Inspiral Carpets' who was

joined by the Town Crier, Father Christmas, and performers in costume from

St Herbert's pantomime.

 Photograph with the kind permission of Greater Manchester Newspapers.

A concert of Christmas Music was provided by Baretrees Wind Band, North

Chadderton School Band, and South Chadderton School and carols were

sung by local brownies. Later there was a raffle and an auction to supplement

funds for the Christmas lights, a signed Latics football provided by Oldham

Athletic, and a drum skin with the famous 'cow' sign, provided by Inspiral

Carpets. Letters of thanks were sent to Craig Gill and Gary Bostock, who was

incidental in persuading Gill to do the honours, as well as all those that had

worked so hard to make this switch-on, the glorious occasion it turned out to be.




Mill Architect is Honoured

Wednesday 29th September 2004

Lancashire's Great Mill Architect

Born Wykeham Place, Chadderton, in 1858


One of Chadderton's most notable figures was honoured by the unveiling of a blue flag on the 29th September, 2004 at Chadderton Central Library., 'Wykeham Place', Middleton Road. His great grandson Sir Philip Stott performed the Ceremony in the presence of the Deputy Mayor of Oldham Metropolitan Borough, Councillor Kay Knox, and her consort, Councillor Jim McArdle. The unveiling was witnessed by a founder member of the Chadderton Historical Society, Mr Michael Lawson and its Chairman Mr Mark Johnson.

In total Sir Philip designed more that 124 mills both spinning and weaving. Twenty-eight of these commissions were abroad.


For further information, please access Chadderton Historical main site :

Chadderton Historical Society/Sir Philip Sidney Stott

Acknowledgements: Extracts from the booklet produced for the unveiling,

and available from Chadderton Libraries. Price £1.15.



Party Night in Lancashire Style

Society members enjoyed a 'reet gud do' when their January meeting took the form of a Lancashire  Night (or rather Lankysher Neet!). What more gradely food can a fair clemmed native of the Red Rose County have than black peas, followed by potato pie, and good sticky parkin? For t' cotton meisters up at t' big 'eawse the war sum apple pie! In the local history quiz that followed the winning team was J. Travis & Co. (A true Lancashire cotton spinning firm if ever there was!) who gained 13 points out of a possible 15.

Thanks to all who made the evening a great success, especially those who came in traditional Lancashire costume.


Bare Trees Community Wind Band.

Triumph for Chadderton.

After receiving two highly commended awards for the last two years, this year Bare Trees were over the moon about receiving an Outstanding Performance Award at the National Festival for Youth at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall.

The Band is made up with pupils from Bare Trees Primary School, and older pupils whe have now moved to the Secondary School, altogether 40 members. The band also has dancers, sisters Danielle and Gemma Wilson, who gave a spirited dance to the "Stars and Stripes"

Copies of the CD of the music played by Baretrees Band are available from the school, telephone number 0161 620 8121.


Friends of Foxdenton Park
 20th December 2003
On 20 December 2003 the newly formed Group "Friends of Foxdenton Park" staged a Christmas celebration in Foxdenton Hall. The Hall was magnificently decorated in traditional style and entertainment highlights included brass band music, mulled wine, hot mince pies and traditional carols.

Margaret Scott, Secretary of the Friends Group said "after much sad neglect of Foxdenton Hall our Group decided to take the bull by the horns and try to breathe some life into this wonderful historic building. We are looking forward to organising further events in 2004 with the aim of involving the local community and promoting and safeguarding the facilities of the Park and Hall".

The Group would like to thank everyone involved who gave so generously of their time and talents and made this event such a huge success. Further information about the Group can be obtained from Margaret Scott :-

email -




Lancashire Day


November 27th was celebrated in style by Chaddertonians proud of their Lancastrian heritage. The Town Crier, Reg Lord, led the procession through the centre of the town, reading the 'Lancashire Proclamation' at various points, commencing at the Town Hall steps. As in previous years, shoppers and bystanders were just as keen to acknowledge their allegiance to their real county -that of the Red Rose!

Chadderton Christmas Lights

21st November 2003

Chadderton Christmas Lights

A well known sports personality, Andy Ritchie, formerly Oldham Latics, Player Manager, switched on the Chadderton Lights.


Chadderton's Town Crier (Reg Lord, a member of Chadderton Historical Society), ushered people from Chadderton Precinct at 6.45 to arrive at Chadderton Town Hall for 7 p.m. Also a Father Christmas was in attendance. The Town Crier introduced Andy Ritchie who was greeted very enthusiastically.

A full programme of Christmas music and carols was provided by North Chadderton High School Band and a specially formed Brownie & Guide Association, Christmas Choir sang popular Carols.

Refreshments were provided in the Town Hall Ballroom provided by Local Businesses and members of the Area Committee Christmas Lights Working Party.



The Lights were extended to the Chadderton Sports Centre, and hopefully next year, the Library will be included.

 This Noticeboard was displayed outside the Town Hall during the extent of the Christmas lights 2004. It was donated by Barry Duckworth Signs who also did the Fascia Merry Christmas.

The Chadderton Area Committee also extends its thanks to all who have so generously and enthusiastically donated their time and energy to making this year's switch-on such an overwhelming success.


We can only get better.


28th October 2003
Reg Lord, Town Crier. 
On 28th October 2003, the GMR bus parked in Chadderton Precinct to interview local people.

Reg Lord, Chadderton's, now official Town Crier, who lives in Chadderton, and is a Salford University Lecturer in Accountancy, was interviewed. In answer to a question from Jo Kearsley, he replied, "We felt for a while there was a need for events within the township to be remembered for the cultures and traditions that go on". Firstly, it was an one-off, and Reg Lord volunteered for the first Lancashire Day celebrated by Chadderton Historical Society, 27th November 2002.

Since then, it has grown and he has now received his first stipend- Two Fat Hens ever y Feast of St Chad's on 2nd March.

Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah,

to the people of the ancient township of Chadderton,

within the hundredth of Salford in the historic county of Lancaster,

Know ye that this day November 27th in the year of our Lord two thousand and three,

the fifty-first year of reign of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11,Duke of Lancaster, is Lancashire Day.

Let this day ever mark the people's pleasure in the excellent distinction of True Lancastrians, proud of the Red Rose, and loyal to our sovereign Duke,

God Bless Lancashire, and God Save The Queen, Duke of Lancaster,


And so with the ringing of the traditional bell, and the Loyal Toast, the interview came to a close.

Jo Kearsley later said, she really enjoyed Chadderton with its individual style and willing volunteers.


Shirley Hamer, Co-opted Member of Chadderton Area Committee.

Shirley Hamer, a co-opted member of the Chadderton Area Committee, was the next to be interviewed, and in answer to Jo Kearsley' s query. agreed that Chadderton's Area Committee , unlike most committees was not 'boring', and in fact just the opposite. 'It is a Committee where people from the general public all attend. We get ideas from the general public about what they would love from Chadderton, to make the place a more pleasant place to live, happier, and brighter for all groups, whether they be young or old.' A member of the public came up with the idea for the Christmas lights. In answer to the question, '"Oldham is only up the road, why have the Chadderton lights?". Shirley replied that "Oldham wasn't Chadderton'" and "all these little townships in the Borough of Oldham, have their own identity and we thought we should have our own festivities" So it has gone from strength to strength, Each year Chadderton will extend the lights, all from donations from local businesses and the Area Committee adds its backing . "In the dark days of Winter, it is so beautiful to see these lights and eventually we are hoping the whole of Chadderton Town will be ablaze with illuminations". Shirley emphasised that the Christmas Lights were the most public spirited of the suggestions and advertised the Switch-on 21st November, 2003, when Andy Ritchie, the well known and very popular football personality would be officiating. Shirley invited any members of the public who wish to attend, to come and can promise a great night out.

Jo Kearsley then went on to ask Shirley about the Chadderton Calendar, again brought to the Area Committee by a member of the public, each page/month being sponsored by Local Businesses and Authorities. Even the police have sponsored a page, which can only be good for community relations. Shirley was very enthusiastic about the Community Police involvement.

Of course the Chadderton Area Committee is just not about Christmas Lights and Calendars, members of the Public come forward about their concerns for their local area. Subjects such as Litter, Dog Fouling, Roadworks, Motorway Network, Traffic Noise, Parks and their upkeep, Waste Collection, Markets, are frequent items on the agenda. Also of course, local organisations can apply for grants to help with their projects.

Altogether, it was a most successful event , and Jo Kearsley suggested it may be an idea to come to Chadderton, twice a year.



7th June 2003
Whitsuntide Fun Day

Organised By 'Churches together in Chadderton', the event proved a great success on a day when the sun shone brilliantly.


Photograph by kind permission of John Johnson


April 26th 2003

St George's Day Celebration.

For the second year running, our Society teamed up with the Chadderton and Failsworth Rotary Club to organise and present an appropriate and stirring celebration of our national day and patron. This took place in the Edwardian Ballroom of Chadderton Town Hall on Saturday 26th April. Mossley Championship Band provided patriotic music, whilst the evening's entertainment also included dancing and an excellent buffet. The Chadderton town crier was also in attendance to make suitable announcements about the occasion.

Members of the Chadderton Historical Society, celebrating St George's Day on Saturday 26th April 2003

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